Sony Bans Benchmark Apps On Their Prototype Devices To Avoid Spec Leaks


While there are a few OEMs that takes advanatge of the fact that their devices’ specifications leak through benchmark tests, either by cheating or honestly boasting it’s performance before announcement to give them more hype, most manufacturers are making ways to prevent people from killing the excitement by leaking it’s specs especially with their flahgship devices. And taking a bigger step to prevent more leaks is Sony.

Sony has been on a mission on preventing leaks and such to the point that they skip some events just keep the leaks for their devices to a minimum. And now Sony has made a new way of preventing leaks through benchmark apps. How? by banning them.



Looking at the screenshot above, someone that has a test unit of an unannounced Xperia prototype tried to install and open a benchmark application only to face a warning message that ‘you must uninstall the app,’ which you can only close by clicking the yes option, thus closing the whole application even before you can actually open it.



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