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s!arxikh-680TITLE:                   SLICE IT!

DEVELOPER:       Com2uS

PRICE:                  FREE


Slice it is one of those perfect puzzle games for all ages from developer Com2uS, and supports English, Deutsch, français, Español, Italiano, 日本語 and 한국어 language.
The goal is to dissect various shapes into equal parts with your magic pencil. A shape is drawn on graph paper, and your job is to cut it into equal parts. You’re told how many cuts to make and how many pieces to end up with, but the rest is up to you. As long as the resulting pieces are close to the same size, you proceed to the next puzzle.

It may sound painfully simple, (and can be), if you’re just dealing with straight circles and squares, but actually in the game you will find some seriously crazy shapes that you will have to scratching your head in how to approach them. You are graded not just on divvying up the starting shape, but you must also strive to make the resulting pieces similar in size. Do this and you get a five-star reward, which in turn banks a hint to use on later stages.

A hint system helps prevent you from getting stuck on some of the harder shapes, and a nice five star scoring system urges you to retry puzzles in an effort to get a perfect score. The hint system, which shows you possible cuts for solving the puzzle, is expertly implemented, because it doesn’t ruin the challenge. You only receive hints if you manage to get a perfect score on a puzzle, so if you are stumped on one, perhaps replaying an earlier stage for a perfect score, will give you the hint needed to push you over the hump on a real stumper. You will need those hints because “Slice it!”, is paced like a marathon. The first leg of the trip is easy-peasy, but then it turns up the heat. Soon, the shapes turn gonzo and you are tasked with making odd numbers of cuts to come up with even numbers of shapes. Sections of the field cannot be sliced through. It’s maddening, but also impossible to put down.

Levels are displayed in groups of twenty on a stage select screen, and are unlocked one after the other as you complete them.  

“Slice it!” begins in the late version with:
– Easy-to-control lines.
– 100 different stages.
– Extra-bizarre shapes.
– Strategically planted obstacles.

 In the Full version you will find:

– 10 chapters, +200 stages!
– Faster, harder in Slice it, QUICK mode!
– Even more different shapes.
– Hints when you get stuck.
– And other updates!


Here it is a step by step tutorial:

At the homepage of “Slice it!”

– Select a level, (the shape that must be sliced is drawn for you).


– Touching a point outside of the shape anchors. A starting point for the slicing line, gives you a dotted line of where the slice will take place. The real trick to “Slice It!”,  is that you must slice the shape into the required amount of segments for each level, as well as use up all of the slicing lines. This can call for some more creative thinking, even with basic shapes.


– Once you’ve fulfilled the segment and slice line requirements, the shape is sliced up, and you are graded on how accurately you can get each segment to be the same percentage of the entire shape. (For example, a square cut into fourths, would require each segment to be as close to 25% of the entire shape as possible to earn 5 stars).


 – If you mess up a line, you can press the undo button… unless it’s the final line of the puzzle, in which case there’s no going back.
If you slice too many segments, don’t use all your slices, or have segments that are a much different proportion than the rest then you will fail the level and have to retry.



– If you do well and get 5 stars on a stage, you earn a hint to be used on one of the future stages. Each hint will tell you where a slice line needs to go to get you started, and in my experience with some of the more odd shapes, the hints can be invaluable.

– Ready to go to the next level!


1) It is a universal app, yet you can find it free.

2) “Slice it!” is a quality puzzle game that is easy to pick up, impossible to put back down.

3) It has excellent updates.

4) It has a unique concept.


A couple of small issues stick out in “Slice It!”:

1) It can be hard to accurately place the anchor point on the screen, and sometimes you have to try multiple times to get a line started where you needed it to. Related to this, if you draw a line and decide it’s not where you want it to be, you can drag the end point of the line back to the starting point to not draw a line at all. Unfortunately the game often ends up drawing the line anyway, which can easily be erased with the undo button but is annoying nonetheless.

2) Sometimes multiple slice lines can intersect in the middle of a shape and cause a very tiny segment to be made. This causes you to have to retry the level since that extra segment goes over the requirement.

3) Because it is a free game you will get annoying from the advertisements.


These are all minor issues in an otherwise fun game, and merely serve to annoy rather than ruin the overall enjoyment of “Slice It!”. So, if you’re looking for a new type of puzzle game with a charming style that’s easy to pick up and play, take a look at “Slice It!”.


If you want more products like “Slice it!”, then try the following link and have fun!

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