SignEasy: Add your signature to documents with your finger or stylus

Sending and receiving documents has become a simple task nowadays. Attach them to your email and your clients overseas will receive them in a matter of minutes. Even so, it can be difficult to put your signature into a digital document. That is where SignEasy, the new digital signature app for Android smartphones or tablets comes in handy.


Compared to usual methods of signing digital documents (printing, scanning and faxing), SignEasy is way more convenient. Open the app and tap the “Sign” button to insert the correct signature. You can draw it on the empty area using your finger or stylus pen. To add your initials or any custom text, just repeat this step but instead of choosing the “Signature” option, click on “Initials” or “Text”. Make sure that your signature is properly aligned and resized, by dragging the “resize” bar from left to right or vice versa. To move or reposition your signature, just tap and hold it, then drag and place it to your desired section or area. When done, simply press the “Finish” button, which will enable you to save and send your signed document to your contacts via Bluetooth, Dropbox, Google Drive, Email or Evernote.

SignEasy supports documents of various formats, which means you aren’t limited to signing only Word documents and PDFs. The app allows you to customize your e-signature’s size and color. You can also type a custom text, for example if you’re required to fill out an application form.

Signed documents are automatically saved in the app’s folder (/sdcard/SignEasy). The application has a lighter security feature to prevent editing, t. i. tampering with signatures and initials by unauthorized users. By entering a four-digit passcode you will automatically lock the app and you won’t be able to use any of its features, unless you re-enter the correct passcode. Even so, the documents that you’re loading in the app aren’t encrypted and there’s still a possibility for others to see important information, enclosed within your documents.


When it comes to functionality, SignEasy is not one of those top e-signature apps in the market, but does a fair job in signing and filling out documents. Free version only lets you sign up to a maximum of three documents per month. For signing unlimited documents you need to pay a yearly fee of $29.99 or you can purchase the app’s “Pay As You Go” package which will allow you to sign up to ten documents for a fixed price of $4.99.


  • Nice UI, responsive and easy to use
  • Supports various document formants: PDF, Word, Excel, Text, HTML, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, etc.
  • Sign documents using your own or another person’s e-signature (for example, your customers and clients)
  • Spacious drawing area to draw your signature and initials using your finger or a stylus pen
  • Customize the size and ink color of your signature, date, custom text and initials
  • Password or PIN Lock (four-digit passcode) prevents others from editing your signatures
  • Built-in share tools let you easily send or share signed documents via email, Bluetooth or the usual Cloud clients
  • Aside from the originally signed document app also sends a copy of the signed document to your email.


  • Free version only lets you sign up to a maximum of three documents per month, “Pay As You Go” ($4.99) ten documents per month, Premium upgrade ($29.99) offers limitless signatures for a year.
  • No zoom in/zoom out feature for better browsing and previewing your documents
  • No document encryption.



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