Samsung has bigger plans for Tizen – not just smartphones


     Tizen, co-developed by Samsung and Intel are said to launch it’s first smartphone in the fourth quarter of this year. But what most of us did not know is Samsung has bigger plans for Tizen – to create an ecosystem where users are able to connect all Samsung devices.

In an interview with Die Welt, Yoon Boo-keun, Samsung’s chief of consumer electronics business said, “Tizen is going to be used on some of our smartphones, along with our TVs and on home appliances.” He added that this way, the electronics maker would be able to create an ecosystem where all of Samsung’s devices can become interconnected. An official from the Seoul-based electronics firm has also confirmed that they are already working on TV’s and other consumer electronics running on Tizen OS.
Also last month, Shin Jong-kyun, head of Samsung Electronics’ mobile business, said that he wanted every Samsung product to run on the Tizen operating system. At this point, since the OS still isn’t out yet, it is not certain whether or not it can prove to at least match or equal Google’s Android OS.


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