Samsung working on a Note 3 and S5 Active?


When the Samsung Galaxy S4 was released, a few of it’s variant followed namely the Galaxy S4 Mini (toned down and smaller version), Galaxy S4 Zoom (better camera and zoom powered), and the Galaxy S4 Active (water resistant + physical buttons).

The Samsung Galaxy S4 active, though it doesn’t sell as much as the original Galaxy S4, has it’s own advantages being water resistant that fits active people who are always outside doing active stuff so they won’t have to worry getting it wet. And to some people (including me), it’s design plus the hard button keys looks much better than the Galaxy S4.

Having said that, reports from etnews confirmed that Samsung is also working on a Galaxy Note 3 Active and a Galaxy S5 Active. Not much information yet but i bet opinions again will be split on this one as many people have been making fuss about how Samsung makes many version of the same variant when they can toned it down to just one or just two variants like how Sony does it with Xperia Z and Z1.

But either way, a water resistant variant of the Note 3 and Galaxy S5 will most likely be welcomed especially for active people out there.



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