Samsung takes second position in the list of 2013 “Most Innovative Companies”.


The Samsung overtook … Google!  Samsung has been named the second most innovative company in Boston Consulting Group’s list of the most innovative companies for 2013, beating Google, which was at the second spot for the last seven years, and settling cosily just below Apple, which holds first place for the ninth year in a row. Samsung has risen from number 28 in 2008, to number 2 in 2013, making it quite an impressive growth for the Korean manufacturer.

“This reputation has become global in recent years as the company has moved from innovative success to success,” said the consultancy’s report. Things haven’t been so great for Samsung’s home rival LG, however, as the latter still sits at the 25th position, and it doesn’t look it will be catching up anytime soon. 

The Samsung is the leading manufacturer of Android (at least in terms of sales). And with Apple are the two largest mobile phone manufacturers worldwide. There are few times that the two companies have resolved legal disputes, while blaming each other (directly or indirectly) that one copied the other. Nevertheless maintain a singular collaboration in the supply of subsystems, with the second (Apple) being one of their biggest customers at first.

So for those earlier days were quick to accuse Samsung that took the golden version of the Galaxy S4 because of their iPhone 5s, the Koreans took care through the blog to restore the truth.

Initially, the Korean company clarifies that the Galaxy S4 Gold Edition has been announced by August 27 and went on sale September 8 – had not previously announced new devices of Apple, and gold iPhone 5s was only a rumor. It is currently available in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Qatar.

Then reminds us that she has released many handsets in the color of gold or even gold investment and lists their pictures, which you can see below. As noted at the end, this is just a list, not all models, and includes devices not seen in stores,( such as Anical), which was a limited edition for the Athens Olympics in 2004.



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