New Samsung Smartphone UI Spotted, What Do You Think?



We have seen Samsung’s new magazine-like user interface (some even says it looks very similar to Microsoft’s Metro UI) in their newly announced Galaxy Note Pro and Tab Pro series of tablets at CES 2014, which leaves people thinking if wether Samsung has a new UI in store for it’s smartphone users as well. And thanks to usual suspect evleaks, we now know that Samsung has indeed something for their beloved smartphone users.

The new smartphone UI, is still being being tested by Samsung according to evleaks. And though it only showed the lockscreen and homescreen part of the whole UI, we can still recognize the changes Samsung has made. We can obviously see new widgets like user profile widget, weather, and a tracker widget, and we can see new icon designs at the dock as well.

Take note that this new UI is still on a testing phase so there’s no guarantee if this will be the new UI that Samsung will use on their future smartpones.
Your thoughts, Does it look better than the current UI or not? Let us know in the comments below.



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