Samsung: Sim Region Lock issue doesn’t seem to end soon


A few days ago, we informed you about Samsung Germany clarifying the “SIM Region Lock” thing (you can read this Article HERE).

But now we learn that the explanation comes from Samsung Germany which clarifies that the region lock is permanently disabled if your first device activation happens with a SIM card from the Region your device has been purchased, isn’t quite the true story.

According to this post on xda developers there are many user’s references that besides the first device activation was done with a right SIM card, the device didn’t work when they put a SIM card from another Region!

For example, a user reported that a Note 3 boughted in Germany and first unlocked with a European SIM card, didn’t work with a SIM card from Thailand. Same thing happened with a Note 3 which was first activated with a Netherland’s SIM but later didn’t work with a Thai SIM.

As if that were not enough, another user from xda developers reports that a representative from Samsung UK customers service department, told him that the SIM limitation sticker on the Note’s 3 box means exactly what it says, namely that a European Note 3 will not work with SIM cards outside from EU Region. Another very useful information that the same Samsung’s UK rep gave to the xda user is that the upcoming KitKat update will extend the “SIM Region Lock” to existing Galaxy S IIIs and Galaxy Note 2s as well. You can read all these and even more here.

If all these are true then we are talking about a huge mistake made by Samsung. People who travel a lot will have big problems if they purchase a Samsung’s device that includes the new SIM Region Lock policy.

Maybe all this mess will force Samsung to change this region lock policy by removing it from the Note 3 and not include it in the upcoming updates of older devices.

We hope that the Korean OEM will do what’s best for consumers and not what providers want, as the consumers are those who made Samsung so big and they have no problem to change their devices with ones that don’t have these wrong restrictions.

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