Samsung reportedly in talks with metal casing suppliers



According to Barclays Capital Securities Taiwan Ltd, Catcher Technology Co, which makes metal casings for various Apple and HTC devices, is likely to receive new smartphone orders from Samsung early next year. The new iPhone 5s is a given, but Samsung is well-known for using plastic materials on their cases. In fact, Samsung is the only top-five smartphone brand which is not using metal casing for its products. Samsung’s followers also has split opinions between staying with plastic or switching to metal cases.

We all know the trend – the next Galaxy Smartphone will be launched during the 2nd or 3rd quarter of next year and this hints us that if proved true, there is a high probability that the Galaxy S 5 will be sporting a metal case. This info is not for certain though, so don’t get happy or disappointed about it just yet.

So, do you want the next Galaxy smartphone to have a metal case or not? let us know in the comments below.


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