Samsung Patent Reveals ‘Sports Glasses’ That Could Compete With Google Glass


It looks like the wearable tech market is set to explode soon with multiple OEMs producing smart-watches, and now some are already exploring their options to compete with Google Glass as we discovered through Korean patent filing from earlier this year that Samsung is working on a “Sports Glasses.” It is also reported that Sony, Microsoft, and Apple are all working on glasses of their own.

The Wall Street Journal uncovered that the patent was granted full registered status that shows a pair of “sports glasses” that have what looks like transparent frames. There are buttons on the side of the device and it looks like that it has a camera on it as well. The glasses can be paired with a smartphone and may be able to be controlled by a phone too. There are also earphones and wires on both sides that connect in the back with a connective plug.



The patent filing may just be a concept at this point, but knowing Samsung, they may have already started working on prototypes and could be moving towards a consumer release. A description of the glasses suggests that it will be aimed at athletes and users who want something for use during workouts like playing music and making calls.



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