Samsung NX300M, Samsung’s first commercial Tizen device

It looks like Tizen OS (supported by Samsung and Intel) has a lot more to offer to us in the future and this… Samsung NX300M gadget could be the real thing!


We’re talking about a digital camera codenamed Samsung NX300M, that has been available in the Korean market as Samsung’s first Tizen based commercial product! It packs a specially designed edition of Tizen called “Tizen Camera Platform” that offers twice the speed when compared to other Linux based cameras. It offers a 20.MPixels resolution lens and can shoot 9 shots per second.

According to Samsung, the company plans to unveil its first Tizen based smartphone by the first months of 2014 and it will run on Tizen 2.2.1 OS, however the Tizen 3.0 update will arrive by the Q3 of 2014 adding multi-user support, 64bit support and a new 3D rendering engine.

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