Samsung LSI and Sony To Compete For The Galaxy S5′s 16 Megapixel Camera

It has only been seven months after the Samsung Galaxy S4 was launched but we are already hearing about a Galaxy S5 to be pushed on as early as January. It’s pretty understandable though as the Galaxy S4 isn’t getting as much sales as Samsung expected it to be. And S4’s sales are expected to drop even more when the much anticipated Nexus 5 gets launched.

And pretty much every time an OEM upgrades their flagship smartphones, you can always expect the camera to be upgraded as well. Sony’s Xperia Z1 just set the highest standard at 20.7MP, but next year you can expect that 16MP cameras to be all over the place and both Sony and a division of Samsung Electronics, Samsung LSI – are already competing to supply the Galaxy S5′s camera.

The Galaxy S4 used it’s imaging technology from Sony and it was received pretty well by the users, even in the face of HTC’s “UltraPixel” technology. ETNews has reported that both Sony and Samsung LSI are looking to supply the Galaxy S5′s camera. Also earlier this year, new tech like ISOCELL and Optical Image Stabilization was showed off in new System LSI cameras and sensors but this technology might not be ready yet for a mass production. Sony meanwhile, have proved that they can make decent sensors and they’re more than capable of coming up with the numbers Samsung will be in need of. If Samsung is going to deliver a new design with the Galaxy S5, chances are that they’re will be a much higher demand than there has been for the Galaxy S4.

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