Samsung Invests in Gorilla Glass to Secure Supply For 10 Years


When you think about protective screens for smartphones and tablets, Gorilla Glass by Corning is the first to come to mind. There are other competitors out there like Dragontail, but Gorilla Glass has established itself very well in the market and is no doubt the most trusted and popular brand that almost all smartphone companies choose it for their high-end products.

Having said that, Samsung, that has been using Gorilla Glass on most of it’s flagship devices, is buying 7.4 percent of Corning. This move means Samsung gets to secure supply of Gorilla Glass for its devices until 2023.

So if you’re hoping for Samsung to change their protective screen preference for their products, or if a better and more popular protective screen product comes along, it is unlikely to happen that Samsung will switch since it has already bought some of Corning’s shares.



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