Samsung Galaxy S5 Wireless Charging Cover Now Available on Amazon

Samsung Galaxy S5


Built-in wireless charging. Samsung fans asked for this before with the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3, only to be disappointed come launch time. And until now with the Galaxy S5, Samsung still refuses to add wireless charging on it’s high-end products as a feature which many of us consumers will be delighted about. Why? Marketing? Only Samsung knows. But this problem doesn’t come without a solution as official wireless charging covers from the S4 to Note 3 has been rolled out for those who wants the said feature.

And now that the Galaxy S5 are selling like pancakes all around the globe, the wireless charging cover immediately followed to be available now on Amazon for $30. And for those who are wondering if they’re dust and water resistant still, the answer is yes. A little bummer as the shipping will be in 3-6 weeks, but better to secure one before it sells out. The wireless cover will be available in black and white color options, but expect a blue and gold version to follow soon.

Samsung Wireless Charging Cover for Samsung Galaxy S5 (Black)

Samsung Wireless Charging Cover for Samsung Galaxy S5 (White)


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