Samsung Galaxy S5 Will Be Launched At MWC Next Month, Says Samsung EVP



If you’re hoping to see the much awaited Samsung Galaxy S5 at CES, then i have bad news for you, as according to the korean site iNews24 Samsung’s executive vice president and head of design strategy, Dong-hoon Chang has confirmed that the company’s next flagship smartphone will be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress which will be held in Barcelona, Spain.

According to Chang, the device is still under review as to wether what material will be used such as metal or even a flexible display. If this report is indeed correct, we might see the S5 being available by March judging by how Samsung releases their devices (one month after the unveiling).

And to sum up all the previous rumors about the device, the Galaxy S5 is said to pack either a new Samsung Exynos 6 chip that Samsung will unveil at CES, or a new generation 64-bit processor that they have confirmed to be developing for the past few months. We are also looking at a 16MP camera along with 4GB of RAM, an eye scanner to battle Apple’s fingerprint scanner technology, and the inevitable display upgrade of 2560×1440 resolution display that we will most probably see at all flagship smartphones this year.

And wether the Galaxy S5 will have the above specs or not, only one thing is for sure, Samsung fans will be in for a treat come February at the Mobile World Congress.



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