Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Flash Player Support Guide


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 does not have native Flash Player Support. This is because Adobe is not supporting and updating flash player for Jelly Bean Android 4.1 and higher.

With this guide you will be able to add flash player to Note 3.

To add flash player we need to install flash player and a browser that supports flash.

Not all android browsers are supporting flash player. A good recommend browser that supports flash player is Dolphin Browser.

With this image guide you will be able to install flash player and Dolphin Browser and make the necessary settings to add flash support


Lets start. Download flashplayer.apk from this link or the from and copy the apk file to your device.

Then open Play Store and install Dolphin Browser


Open Dolphin Browser go to Settings


Scroll down and open Flash player


Select Always On and then OK


Close settings and Dolphin Browser.
Lets install now flashplayer.
Go to your device and with a file explorer navigate to the folder where you copied flashplayer.apk and select file to install it flash player


If you get a warning that installation is blocked then open Settings


scroll down to find Unknown sources and tick the box


at the follow screen choose Allow and OK


Then select flashplayer.apk to install it


If you get the Verify apps warning select Accept and continue


When installation is finished select Open


At the next screen Select Dolphin Browser and Just once (or Always if you like to set Dolphin Browser as your default Internet browser)


And flash player settings page will open


Congratulation, you’ve added flashplayer support to note 3.

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