Samsung Galaxy Gear: Some mixed reviews while its next version is being prepared

Well guys, it’s true that Samsung Galaxy Gear, the first smartwatch of the Korean company, received mixed reviews after its announcement.


And if you can’t even stop making positive comments about the fact that this is an innovative gadget that almost “opens” a new market, you can’t oversee some of its serious disadvantages, such as the very low autonomy (which lasts for just one day), the compatibility with the Galaxy Note III and Note 10.1 2014 edition and not with more devices, as well as the AMOLED display which seems really “pale” under the sun. Samsung, of course, claims that the product is partly in trial, wanting to have feedback that will lead to a better watch in future.

It seems that the company is currently preparing Galaxy Gear 2, the second version of the watch which according to some rumors, will make premiere at CES 2014 in Las Vegas. This version will be compatible with more Android devices, that will clearly cheer its usability, while among  the characteristics that the company intends to incorporate into Galaxy Gear 2, is the GPS and -hopefully- a better battery.

What we do not know is if Samsung with the second announcement in the field of smart watches will manage to compete with Apple and iWatch. Just wait for the next months…


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