Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 To Carry A Lower Price Tag Than It’s Predecessor?


Samsung had high expectations when they first launched their first wearable device, the Galaxy Gear. They even launched it alongside with it’s flagship Galaxy Note 3 device to gain more audience as a marketing strategy. But after several months, the Galaxy Gear has proved to be a disappointment and even forced the company to cut down it’s price in an attempt to sell more units before they unveil it’s predecessor next month at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Don’t misunderstand though, as the Galaxy Gear is a pretty solid device with very few negatives on our list. But those few negatives are heavy factors – especially the price. The wearable tech market is fairly new, so it’s only natural that consumers won’t buy a new kind of device that costs around $350. Plus there are other smartwatches at that time that features the same kind of specs at a lower price.

But Samsung seemed to have realize this huge factor as a new rumor says that the company is looking to give it’s Galaxy Gear 2 a more reasonable price than it’s predecessor. The Galaxy Gear 2 is promised to be compatible with more devices upon it’s launch, and is rumored to have better design and even a flexible OLED display. If this rumor is indeed true, a better smartwatch at a fair price will definitely look more appealing to people, enough to make them jump on the wearable tech bandwagon.

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