Samsung extends ADH warranty terms to “Premium” for Galaxy Note 3


Samsung first introduced the ADH (Accidental Damage from Handling) warranty when Galaxy S4 was launched earlier in 2013. ADH warranty offers two (2) “no questions asked” repairs for Galaxy phones that comes with it, includes free repair from screen or liquid damage and covers the first two years of ownership.

It’s important to know that all ADH warranties have no extra cost for consumers and are offered with devices.

And now, Samsung has announced to extends the terms of ADH warranty in South Africa (other countries/regions will follow starting from Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Senegal and Namibia) for the new flagship Galaxy Note 3.

The new “upgraded” ADH warranty is called ADH Premium.

So, what does “AHD Premium” really provides?

With ADH Premium Samsung guarantees that the device will returned to you, repaired or replaced, within 24 hours. Also for South African customers Samsung covers an on-site collection of the handset.

In addition, ADH Premium warranty gives an extra motive to upgrade to the next company’s flagship models (Galaxy S5 or Galaxy Note 4). So if the owner of a Galaxy Note 3 doesn’t use both “no questions asked” repairs within first 12 months, one of these two “no questions asked” repair, will automatically roll over onto the next Samsung’s flagship if owners of a Note 3 upgrade their devices.

Samsung hopes that these two new terms of ADH Premium will urge users to move to another labeled flagship model.


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