Samsung explains the story behind the perforated pattern in the back panel of GS5

The specially crafted back panel of Samsung’s Galaxy S5 has caused a lot of comments among the fans of the company, with most of them complaining about its bandaid look that surely disappoints them.


The Koreans have a reason for choosing this secific design and they mentioned in a special webpage that gives answers to users regarding the design of the company’s smartphones.

A delicate perforated pattern is applied to the back panel and attached to the elegant frame. The small holes on the panel follow a visual rhythm, providing tactile pleasure to the fingertips when users touch the back of the phone. The S5s unique cushioning materials deliver a reassuring give when held in the users hands. Combined with the perforated exterior and a material soft as sheepskin, the S5 provides a truly optimal grip.

If you’d like to know more, have a look here.

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