Samsung denies cheating the Galaxy Note 3’s benchmark scores


If you haven’t heard of it yet, Samsung has been reported to intentionally boost the Galaxy Note 3’s benchmark scores. The Galaxy Note 3 has just been launched and this could be a big blow to Samsung if left unanswered, so today comes the Korean manufacturer’s rebuttal.

Earlier today, Samsung told CNET UK that The Galaxy Note 3 maximizes it’s CPU/GPU frequencies when running features that demands a substantial performance and that it was no an attempt to exaggerate particular benchmarking results. They also said that they are committed to providing their customers the best possible user experience.

It obviously contradicts with what Ars Technica and Anandtech initially reported a few days ago after they found out after some researches and tests that the Galaxy Note 3 performs at maximum speeds whenever it detects a popular benchmark conducting app.

Deja vu? No, this happened before when the Galaxy S4 did the same thing to push it’s processor to the limit to appear more powerful more than other devices with similar specs.

Again as my final remark, benchmarks scores does not really matter if not at all. there are ways to get higher scores highlighted by this issue. The Galaxy Note 3 is no doubt a beastly device so wether or not that it really was set to be intentionally run at maximum speeds upon detecting a popular benchmarking app, it will still be a hit for the users for what it’s worth.


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