Samsung Announces Smartphone GamePad For The “Heavy Gamers”



Modern Combat 4, GTA III, Bard’s Tale, Asphalt 8; Admit it, as much as they’re great PC/console Quality games, it’s pretty hard to play and enjoy them using your device’s touch controls. That’s why most of us had to use a paid third-party app that enables us to play “premium games” using our Sixaxis and Xbox 360 controllers.
Well guess what, Samsung knows your pain. They teased about it back when they introduced the Galaxy S4, and now they have officially announced what every Android gamer has been waiting for – a gamepad just for your Samsung smartphone. Guys, meet the Samsung Smartphone Gamepad.

The Smartphone Gamepad, like most console controllers have, features a D-pad, 2 analog sticks, 4 buttons on the front, and 2 more at the top. Users can easily pair up the controller to their smartphones via NFC tag. And because the gamepad is meant to make it easier for users to play premium games, the Gamepad is only available to pair with Samsung’s high-end Galaxy smartphones (Galaxy Note 3, S4, Note II, and S3).

Of course, you’ll need to find GamePad supported games if you’re looking for full compatibility. And to know which games are currently compatible, all you have to do is press the gamepad’s “play” button to open a mobile console app to see the list. There will be 35 games at launch, with titles that includes EA’s Need for Speed Most Wanted, Gameloft’s Asphalt8: Airborne, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, SEGA’s Virtua Tennis Challenge, Ubisoft’s Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame.

The GamePad is now available in Europe with the other markets to follow in a few weeks. Pricing has yet to be announced.



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