Rumors: Samsung Galaxy S5 to pack a 14nm Exynos 6 CPU


Yesterday we had reports from Korean media that the upcoming Galaxy S5 will be powered by a new Exynos chip, the Exynos 6. This new CPU is reported to have 14nm architecture and 64-bit support (we hope for LTE support as well).

The same rumors say that the next generation of the Exynos CPU will be based in ARM’s big.LITTLE octa-core configuration, as the latest Exynos 5 chip. But according to the reports, there will be a big deference and that is the processors will be made of. So the new Exynos 6 chip rumored to have two sets of Cortex A53 and Cortex A57 quad core processors.

If all these come true, the new Samsung’s CPU chip will use almost the half power than the currently Exynos 5420 and the Galaxy S5 will set new standards regarding to power consumption and at the same time will be even powerful than the Galaxy S4.

Previous reports have suggested that Samsung is working on 20nm architecture. If the yesterday reports turn out to be the real deal (14nm architecture), Samsung will make a big jump in the manufacturing process and that is more than welcome for consumers.

We hope all this will become a reality, but because we don’t have an official announcement from Samsung, please take it with a pinch of salt.


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