Rumor: Samsung Has Started Testing ID Chips For Accessories On The Galaxy Note 3



We reported yesterday about a rumor that Samsung might be planning to restrict third-party accessory support for it’s devices by planting ID chips to recognize if an accessory is a Samsung genuine product or at least Samsung approved.

And now a new report via ETNews says that the rumors yesterday was indeed, true.

According to the industry on October 22, Samsung Electronics recently distributed the authenticity recognition chip to its accessory business division and suppliers, and made it mandatory to install the chip.

So how does this work? – Samsung assigns a unique ID to the chip in the case, wireless charging pad, etc. This chip detects the authenticity of the smartphone accessory, and if it is not authentic, related functions cannot be used.

So if a consumer uses a third-party accessory, they will not be able to use certain functions such as wireless charging and making/ending calls with the cover closed. Samsung Electronics has already started testing it on the Galaxy Note 3.

It is said that Samsung has established this authenticity policy to to capitalize its control over the smartphone market and take the initiative in the high-value-added accessory business and induce loyal customers to buy more Samsung products.

With this new implementation, third-party accessories is expected to have higher price or even not be able to manufacture accessories at all. What do you think of this new implementation of Samsung? Let us know in the comments below.



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