Rumor: LG Working On A Flex 2 That Can Bend Up To 90-Degrees?


The LG G FLex has  just launched it last week in South Korea, and might be coming to the US as well according to tha latest rumors and leaks. And aside from being curved and flexible, the LG G Flex has a self-healing back that helps resist scratches and scuffs throughout the phone’s life. The bendable nature of the display gives it a more durable nature, allowing the phone to theoretically survive a drop test better than any other since it can bend to absorb the stress of being dropped rather than the glass straight up shattering. The G Flex can only bend a few degrees, effectively making the phone straight, BUT LG seems to want more flexibility as they are looking to produce a new G Flex smartphone that can bend up to 90-degrees.

What?? Yeah. you heard/read it right.

According to ZDNet Korea, LG is currently developing a flexible smartphone called the “G Flex 2”, and should be ready for unveiling or launch by summer of 2014 if everything goes according to plan. LG is dubbing the phone a “folding table” which suggests that it will almost be like a flip-phone without the hinge, and of course the ability to fully close. The back is made of a rubber-like material that will make it incredibly flexible, and will likely give the phone an ultra-premium feel. Being able to fold the phone up to 90-degrees will virtually made it indestructible when it comes to dropping it, getting squished in pants pockets, and other unruly places that phones can’t normally safely go.

This is just a rumor but if it is indeed true, this will be huge step on the flexible smartphone market.

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