Rumor: LG G3 Going To Be Waterproof And Dustproof



Let’s admit it, we have now reached a point where we already achieved the best ‘reasonable’ feature possible for mobile devices. 1080p screens, 13MP-16MP cameras, 2,500-3,500mAh batteries, 4-8 cored processors, you name it. But ask yourself this, Do we really need 2k screens on mobile devices? 4k video recording? 64-bit processors? Right now the answer is a big and bold no.

Two of this year’s flagship devices has been unveiled now and while most of you may get disappointed with the Xperia Z2 and Galaxy S5’s lack of ‘upgrade’, it’s just that there’s nothing more to upgrade at this point. These top manufacturers know this all too well that’s why they’re focusing on adding other features instead like fingerprint scanners, etc.

Having said that, all manufacturers are facing this dilemma so expect them to release their flagship devices with more features added more than any unreasonable upgrades like 2k screens which could only end up in more battery drainage. And according to a report from ETNews, one of LG’s answer to this dilemma is to add water/dust proofing feature to it’s upcoming LG G3. We’ve already seen this feature first with several Sony Xperia devices, and now Samsung’s Galaxy S5, and if this rumor is indeed true, don’t expect the LG G3 to be the last device to sport this feature as manufacturers are running out of options for features to add on their 2014 flagship devices.

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