Rumor: HTC M8 To Be Unveiled In Late March


If you still haven’t heard of the HTC M8 device or the HTC One 2014 Edition, you must be living under a rock. The device is a strong contender for the most leaked and rumored device of this year.

And now according to the people’s leakster, evleaks, HTC’s 2014 flagship device may be officially announced at a New York Event in late March. That’s all the leakster has posted via Twitter, but considering evleak’s history of accurate leaks, this could be very well be true.

To wrap up all the details about the HTC M8, the device will be the first HTC device to feature an on-screen navigation buttons, which allows it to sport a bigger display without adding the device’s size. The M8 is also said to feature an improved camera technology, something users criticized with the original HTC One device.



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