Rumor: Galaxy S5 to feature an eye-scanning sensor


With the Samsung Galaxy S4’s sales dropping, and add the Nexus 5’s unveiling this month, it’s no surprise that we’ve been hearing rumors about a Galaxy S5 to be rushed for a February launch at the MWC (Mobile World Congress) which will take place in Barcelona, Spain.

And according to more rumors and Korean reports, the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be featuring an eye-scanning sensor that will let the users to unlock their Samsung Galaxy S5 by scanning their eyes. Samsung has allegedly started working on the sensor that will provide even more security than the fingerprint scanning sensor that the iPhone 5s and HTC One Max has.

This rumor has a high chance of being accurate judging by how Samsung has been doing things lately. The implementation of KNOX security on their flagship smartphones targeted for consumers on the business market, add an eye scanner feature to that and most enterprises for sure will go for Samsung devices especially the former number one choice (BlackBerry) is almost as good as gone.

But everything about the Galaxy S5 has just been rumors until now so take it with a grain of salt for now.


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