Report: 98% of Google Play Store Revenue Came From “Freemium” Apps



Have you ever wondered why most app/game development companies are going the “freemium” way of earning revenues now? If your answer is yes, this might interest you a little as according to a new research from Distimo, 98% of all Google Play Store revenue comes from in-app purchases from free titles. Is that enough reason for you?

Most free apps out in the Google Play Store contains in-app advertisements and even intrusive ones that appears on your notifications. But most people seem willing to deal with it, considering the growing popularity of Android. With the formula of great storyline plus unique gameplay, multi-platform connectivity, leaderboards, and social media points, in-app-purchases are something people are willing to spend for rather than going for a one-time paid app/game.

Although there has been significant app growth worldwide, the huge app revenue growth is coming from Asian emerging markets. South Korea increased it’s app spending an astounding 759%. China and Japan grew by 280% and 245% respectively. And according to the analytics, Google makes about $12 million a day from the Play Store, a huge increase from it’s $3.5 million average from a year ago.



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