Quickoffice is now free with 10GB of Google Drive storage if you sign in before 9/26/13


Quickoffice has been acquired by Google last year and since then they have been working on making it easier to get the work done in Drive – no matter what type of document you need to work with. And now, Google has decided to make the app free for everyone – only requirement is a Google account.

The new Quickoffice with matching Google Drive icon is now available on Google Playstore and iTunes. and if you sign in in the new Quickoffice before September 26, you will get an extra 10GB of Google Drive storage for free on your account for two years.


If you are previously using Quickoffice Pro and Quickoffice Pro HD and want to keep that version, you can still do so but cloud storage support will only last until March 31, 2014. read more here.


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