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NAME:                 PIZZA FRIENDS


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Pizza Friends is an awesome cooking game in the Google Play! It is fun and addictive game that makes you the owner of a pizza restaurant! Be a chef and serve your customers (as they demand your famous pizza), and try to keep all of your customers happy. Upgrade your restaurant and become the best pizzeria in town!
Create the pizza in front of your customers and serve wine, pasta or soup if they ask for it. Grab the ingredients and finish your pizza with delicious toppings. Master the skill and make orders in the quickest time that you can. You will need good time management and skill to handle all of the orders -can you keep up with the demand? There are 20 different pizza combinations to learn – can you identify and make them all? Be careful: do not take too long as your customers may leave!
Keep track of your sales by day or by month and fulfil enough orders to progress in the game. Share your earnings score on Face book or Twitter and see if your friends can beat it.
Connect with Face book and watch as your friends pile into your shop to order your pizza. (This is the moment that I have enjoyed a lot. Just watch the pictures of your friends to ask for an order).
Take a snapshot of it, and share it to your wall! Give your customers the coupons use – just like the ones that you get in Pizza Hut or Domino’s Pizza.
Cook, serve and build the best pizza empire in Pizza Friends!


At the homepage of pizza’s friend game you can find the tutorial with some information about how you can play this game. Let’s describe all the steps with more details.

PF1– The game starts.

PF20– The customers arriving. In the bubbles you can see what they want to order.

– Grab the basis of the pizza.

– Put the ingredients (those that customers asked).

PF5– Put the pizza to the oven. (Try to remember the recipes because if you put the wrong ingredients then the pizza turns black -burns up- and you have to make it again).

TIP: Put always the cheese at the end or else your pizza will be burned (I do not now why! Maybe they should fix that).

– Give the pasta the wine and the soup to the customers (they do not need any preparation).



PF8– Try to be as quickly as possible. (Serve all the customers in the right order before the time passes).

– Keep all your customers happy.

– Pass the stage. (You will see a diagram with your sails and the message “YOU FAILED” or “LA RIGRAZIO MOLTO! THANK YOU VERY MUCH”).

PF26TIP: Try always to upgrade your restaurant (new cutlers, napkins, plates, etc, because with this way you can take more money from the customers and pass easily the stage).

PF15PF11PF13PF10– A wheel appears after some days. Spin the wheel and have a good luck.

PF27– Do not forget to buy some time. (So you can serve all of your customer).

PF17-Hooray! The game ends and you are the greatest chef in the town! Congratulations!


 1)      Variety of ingredients and upgrades that helps you not to be bored.

2)      Addicting game. You just keep playing because it is funny and you have a goal to keep your customers happy.

3)      Watch your friends to order pizza and have fun. (Actually, the pictures of your friends cover the faces of the customers-really funny).

4)      Learn how to be a good pizza chef.

5)      Pizza Friends is a fast-paced game.

6)      It is a free game.


 1) There is a BUG. Sometimes after the spinning wheel, the game freezes.

2) Because Pizza friends is a free game, it has many advertisements which are annoying.

3) If you do not put the cheese in the pizza at the end, then the pizza burns out.

4) You have to go in the home page to see the recipes! And the recipes are too many to remember!

5) The tutorial it would be better if it has more details.

6) You have to upgrade your restaurant or you will not pass the stage.


Pizza Friends is a free cooking game for all ages (boys and girls) that will put you on the edge of your seat as you serve the customers. If you ever dreamed about having your own pizza shop, then you must try it!


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