Pig Hair Salon review


NAME:                  PIG HAIR SALON

DEVELOPER:        GameiMax

PRICE:                   FREE    


The cutest hair salon has just arrived! Is there anyone who likes fashion games or wants to be a hairstylist and make the customers feel clean and beautiful? Then let’s start to learn the first easy steps by playing the Pig Hair Salon!

The game is starting with our little pig that needs our help to go for a walk and look its best. We can give our help by using 3 different services:


Hair Salon

Dress up

And yes it is the first time in Play store that you can find 3 games in 1.



 Choose from the home page which of 3 services you want to give to our little pig.

 If you choose Make over then you can try to:

– Give Pig lovely Bath (just press the valve and the water will start to run from the faucet).
– Dry up with Towel.
– Clean up Dirty nose with the blue spray bottle (just approach the bottle to the pig’s nose).
– Give Amazing Facial to Pig.
– Clean up its ears (just approach the cotton buds to Pig’s ears)


If you choose Hair Salon:

– Brass Pig’s hair.
– Cut Pig’s hair and make them as long as you like!
– Dry its hair.
– Use the hair oil and watch how Pig’s hair will grow.
– Make a curly hair.
– You can also straitening its hair.
– Make a colourful hair with given hair shades.


 If you choose Dress Up:

– 1000’s of different combinations/looks possible.
– Choose clothes, shoes, hats and necklaces (there is multiple Accessories).
– Create a nice Fashionable Pig.
– Save the final look in your photo album.
– Post your Pig’s new look on social networking sites.



 1)      Many options to choose (clothes, shoes, bath, haircut, etc).

2)      Nice expressions from the pig.

3)      Cute graphics for cute children (my 3 years old daughter love it).


 1)      There are some bugs! For example, sometimes when you try to take a colour for pig’s hair, you get stacked and you can pick up anything. The same problem you can find it when you try to choose the powdery.

2)      Sometimes when you try to choose the electric shaver it opens the menu button (because it is really close to it). So, you have to be careful. 

3)      The game has room for improvements that would give the app more staying power. For example when you pick up the nail clippers, then pig’s nails appear, but you have to cut them by touching the nails -because the nail clipper stays on the sink. It would be better if the nail clippers moved along the pig’s nails. It would be also a good idea, if the pig could play with the rubber duck while taking its bath.


 If you like Fashion games and also cute animals then you certainly have to try this game.




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