Nominal and real storage memory in smartphones.


After the official unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S4 (almost before a year) and when the device had begun to reach the hands of the first owners, a new question was born. Where is all the memory gone?
While internal storage space of Samsung Galaxy S4 is 16GB, the actual space that was available to the end user was much smaller, reaching only 8.56GB (or 54%).


Based on this fact, the website called “Which”, published a new chart which shows the difference in initial (or nominal ) with real storage, in the market of smartphones. In this chart we can see that Apple is the most affordable (relatively) iPhone, the 5c, is the most generous of the 16GB phones we’re recently tested, giving you 12.6GB of memory (79%) to play with. Meanwhile Google’s new Nexus 5, which runs on the Android operating system like the S4, is relatively bloatware free with 12.28GB (77%) of usable space. The iPhone 5s is in bronze position, providing 12.2GB (76%) of usable storage.


But before you make up any conclusion, it is very important to know that Samsung S4 is the only one in the list that can take microSD card to increase the storage space, which is the solution to increase occupied space (because of the rich software available to the device). Actually, you can massively boost the S4’s memory, adding an extra 64GB of storage for only around £40. To combat the S4′s storage issues, Samsung allows you to install apps directly to its memory card.


Well the reason is the current operating system, which occupies a large part of the area, and various custom applications, interfaces, skins and bloatware which tend to be enrich manufacturers and providers of the various devices. Of course, every phone has to sacrifice some of its internal memory to the operating system but no phone has more piping, braiding and frills than the Samsung Galaxy S4.
For example, eye tracking technology, that pauses video when you look away from the screen, sounds attractive but in reality it works badly, gulps down your battery and monopolises your internal storage.

All in all I suppose that it is not fair when someone promises you more space and gives you something else. But does actually storage size matter, when you can easily increase your storage memory? Now, the conclusion is all yours.


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