Pebble Appstore Now Available For iOS, Beta Version For Android


Pebble has kept it’s promise that they will launch today their new appstore for smartwatches like the Pebble Steel. While the appstore for Android users is currently in Beta, the application is stable for use with some minor issues of course.

Some of the known bugs with the app is that users may face difficulty in pairing with their smartwatch, and some installation issues. It is also important to note that the appstore is built directly into the Pebble app, explaining the issue with pairing.

Interested users can download the Pebble Appstore Beta at Pebble’s site to start playing with apps that the store has to offer. Pebble has not mentioned when will the app will exit it’s beta stage, but this will defenitely speed up the process as the public can send in bug reports so all issues can be quickly determined and fixed.

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