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TITLE:                     PAPA PEAR SAGA 
PRICE:                   FREE


Papa Pear Saga is the latest offering from the company “King” which is the maker of the extremely popular and addictive game, Candy Crush Saga. Like King’s previous titles, Papa Pear Saga can be downloaded and played for free. In the game you have finite lives so if you fail too many times you need to wait for them to regenerate. If you have friends that play, you can send each other lives. Doing so allows you to play more. If you run out of lives then King hopes that either you will avoid the wait by purchasing or at least switch to another of their games while they replenish.
It is a simple gameplay that lets you aim a cannon at the top of the screen rather than at the bottom (as you used to do in Bubble shooting games), and then fire out pears (they are called Papa pears) to let them bounce off objects (like fruits and vegetables) scattered around the screen. The physics of the Papa Pear “balls” it is actually a balance of luck and skill. You make chances for yourself and minimise the risk of an unlucky failure through careful aiming and good judgement. To finish a stage you need to meet a set objective and score enough points. Clear a number of Acorns, get one Papa Pear into each pot, bring all the large fruits to the bottom of the screen (there’s a good variety of things to do in Papa Pear Saga), and you’ll have to think about the layout of each table to succeed.
Graphically the game is very cartoon-like with bright and colourful graphics. Coupled with the sound effects the game just puts you in a great mood. When you complete a level, then the only thing you want to do is shout PAPAFIESTA!!


As you probably have guessed the goal of Papa Pears Saga is to shoot from your cannon (which is at the top of the screen) your Papa Pear “ball”, and hit as many as possible fruits and vegetables, (which are scattered at the board) and finally send the “ball” in some cute pots. (Actually the cute pots shallow the “balls” and then smile with joy). Each level gives you a cannon filled with a finite number of Papa Pears to fire. The more you destroy the higher your score. As it can take a while for Papa Pear to bounce his way through the obstacles the game lets you have up to three “balls” in play, at once. On the way down there are often power ups to help you. At the bottom of the screen are five pots for Papa Pear to land in and sometimes these have lids that need to be broken first.
The Papa Pear “balls” bounce in the same way that the balls bounce from the pins in a pachinko machine. The difference here is that these pegs will be removed from play after a certain number of hits, adding to your total points.


Here it is a step by step tutorial:

– Take aim and unleash Papa Pear “ball” through the cannon to bounce and boing his way through the wonderfully wacky levels.

– You can only fire three Papa Pears but there are also a number of Boosters (like the multiplier, the Cherry Bomb, the fire power-up). With those boosters you can multiply the balls on the screen, placed them and detonated to remove particularly pesky pegs that you just can’t seem to reach, grow those balls to an enormous size, or surround them in fire to make their hit range even wider.
– Some levels require you to obtain a certain score to progress. Others require you destroy a certain number of a specific item, land a Papa Pear in each bin or clear a path to drop large fruit down the screen. The variety of objectives helps keep things interesting and the better you do, the more stars you earn.

– Hit the last object you need to complete a tricky level, and the Papa Pear drops into a smiling pot below.
– A cute voice yells “Papa Fiesta”, and a shower of rainbows bursts out of said pot while fireworks explode in the background.

pf21– A single star is needed to pass a stage but you can connect with Facebook and see how your friends that play are doing and even have a competition.

pf18pf14– Very often (after you have passed a level), you win boosters that helps you to pass a level.

pf7TIP: Combine your boosters (like a giant Papa Pear with a Papa Fire power-up) to beat a level easier.

TIP: If you lost too many lives on a hard stage you have to wait for regeneration, ask help from a friend through Facebook or purchase “balls” and boosters.

– You are ready for the next level or the next episode.



1) Please note Papa Pear Saga is completely free to play but some in-game items (such as extra moves or lives) will require payment. You can turn-off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.
2) Join Papa Pear on a journey through more than 100 levels filled with fruity pegs, hazelnuts and crazy chillies.
3) Cute cartoonish graphics that will have you bouncing for joy.
4) Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully master.
5) Leader boards for you and your friends.
6) Items to unlock by completing levels.
7) Boosters and Power ups to help with those challenging levels.
8) It quickly became a mega-hit game on Facebook with over 10 million players because of its easy-to-play gameplay, social network enhancement, and a huge fan base of


1) You can easily get stuck in difficult levels and then you can play over and over until you get lucky or make a purchase. If you do not have patience then you became frustrated and it is really tempting to spend some real money.
2) Some complains from players:
“It keeps telling me to login with Facebook so I click the button which takes me back to the game & it loops (repeats) I cannot play at all”.
“Like the game but I don’t like them forcing you to buy to the next level. I have gone to level 90, and got three people to move up to the next level, it took my people and won’t let me g now unless I buy more gold bricks. Talk about cheating. I have been stuck here for three days now, I have my five men plus eleven extra men that my friends have given me and can’t move on. I don’t like when they try to force you to buy extra moves as in Candy Crush, and you can never get by with just the first five moves you have to end up spend $5.00, before you can go on, this is the same way!”
“Please add the levels that are available on Facebook! Why has it been so long since a level update?”


All in all, Papa Pear Saga is another great and addicting game from King. If you are fans of Peggle and King titles should definitely check it out.


King is a worldwide leader in casual games with more than 30 billion games played per month globally. We are a leading interactive entertainment company for the mobile world. Our mission is to provide highly engaging content to our audience to match their mobile lifestyles: anywhere, anytime, through any platform and on any device. In June 2013, an average of 92 million daily active users played our games more than one billion times per day. Our top title to date, Candy Crush Saga, is one of the largest interactive entertainment franchises of all time.
King has games development studios in five cities – Barcelona, Bucharest, Berlin, London, Malmo, and Stockholm and offices in San Francisco, Malta, and Korea.
The company says:
“Our focus is to provide a highly engaging, differentiated entertainment experience where the combination of challenge and progress drives a sense of achievement. We make our games available for free, while players can purchase virtual items priced relative to the entertainment value they provide. We embed social features in our content that enhance the player experience. We build on a unique and passionate company culture predicated on collaboration, humility and respect. We believe all of these in combination have made our content a core part of our audience’s daily entertainment. Since 2003 we’ve been a leader and pioneer in delivering fun and witty games that entertain millions around the world. We’re growing and looking for talented people everywhere. Our super team of passionate people are focused on fun and obsessed with excellence in everything we do.”
More details and games by King at

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