OnePlus Launches ‘NeverSettle’ Wallpaper Crusade For the Upcoming OnePlus One CyanogenMod Phone



We just reported yesterday that OnePlus has collaborated with Cyanogen Inc in an attempt to to bring the ‘best hardware’ and ‘best software’ together on a smartphone that they’ll call the OnePlus One.

And now OnePlus has started the #NeverSettle campaign where they made the OnePlus One’s potential lockscreen and homescreen available for download, and for people to share it in order to increase the awareness towards the relatively new company and it’s upcoming OnePlus One phone.


At OnePlus, we are guided by a simple mantra. Never Settle. Never Settle for a mediocre user experience.

Never Settle for subpar hardware or software. Never Settle for a phone that is anything other than the very phone that you want. At OnePlus, the Never Settle movement is the impetus for the exacting performance and sleek design that will define the OnePlus One.


If you’re interested about OnePlus and their upcoming CyanogenMod powered smartphone, just download the wallpapers and share it on your social media with the #NeverSettle hashtag. OnePlus also hinted that something great might happen if the campaign turns out to be a success.



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