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We at OmegaDroid- not only strive to give you the latest Android news, rumors, opinions, and reviews but it is also our goal to make sure that all our readers/followers will have deeper understanding of what Android is all about.

And as our first effort to give you guys just that, we introduce you to our new segment called “NadMaj Android Guides” series where OmegaDroid Editor NadMaj will regularly give you comprehensive and easy to understand Android Guides from the very basic to advanced. Wether you are new to Android or not, or you want to learn how to theme or develop custom roms, we will try to tackle everything that you need to know about Android.

The series will kickoff with the most basic information which is the very definition of Android and once we finish with all the basics, the guides will be separated into four branches:

– user guides (rooting, flashing stuff, troubleshooting, etc)
– modding guides (how-to’s for compiling apk’s/jar’s, specific mod guides, etc)
– theming guides (guides and how-to’s for aspiring themers)
– rom development guides (guide and how-to’s for aspiring rom developers)

The upcoming guides posts/articles will be regularly maintained so you can post all your questions/opinions/suggestions through the comments and expect all of them to be answered by the team to make sure you get the best possible Android experience.

The OmegaDroid Team, Your portal to Android.


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About NadMaj

A master of soft-bricking his devices, NadMaj is an Android enthusiast to the core. He also makes Android themes and modifications at xda-developers to spread his soft-brick curse so beware!
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