Real Boxing™ Review

Real Boxing™ by  Vivid Games S.A. – 25 July 2013

Real Boxing™ is one of the first 3D/Realistic boxing game to hit the android market. it’s been quite a while since their first release where a lot of users got disappointed by the not-so-good graphics (non-tegra users), imbalanced AI’s and IAP’s that raised many eyebrows.
And after numerous updates let’s see if it can now rise up to our expectations…

Features, Graphics and Gameplay

If we talk about game features alone, you will love this game. it covers almost everything about boxing from training with headgears on, punching bags, and customizing your own character. there are 3 game modes, training where you can improve your fighter’s stats, quick match, and of course the career mode with 3 levels of difficulties.

The graphics has greatly improved from the time they started supporting non-tegra devices. you can still see some pixelations here and there but almost unnoticeable now.



The game play though is a whole different story.
Aside from repetitive controls (tap to jab, swipe left/right for hook, swipe up/down for uppercut, not to mention you can’t control your character’s movements),
the AI’s doesn’t seem to have much “artificial intelligence” either. if you have higher stats than the AI, you can almost call it a win. If the AI has higher stats than you, then good luck avoiding their counter punches and getting knocked out. if you want to stay long in the fight you can clinch but in the end you will most probably lose.



As an avid android gamer, I have encountered games that has IAP’s that has a higher price than the game itself. This game is on that list. the AI’s on this game will eventually force you to purchase some upgrades unless you’re willing play lots of hours playing the same opponents until you have leveled-up your character enough to move on.


Conclusion: almost there but not quite

Even if you are a fan of boxing and fancy graphics, you may want to think twice on buying this one.
the game is fun at the beginning but towards the middle you’ll be forced to throw in some cash to catch up with the AI’s stats in order to beat them. graphics is good and fancy but just a little above average.
Overall this is an enjoyable and fun game but will give you frustrations here and there.

Rating: 7/10

Play Store – Real Boxing™

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