Nvidia is working on a 64-bit Tegra 6 SoC! (rumors)

According to info from ExtremeTech, Nvidia is working on the Parker SoC that will be worldwide available as Tegra 6! This SoC from Nvidia was scheduled to hit the market on 2015 as the first 64-bit chipset from Nvidia.


The “Denver” 64-bit cores will presumably be available during the first months of 2014, but this doesn’t mean that Nvidia will stop the evolution of Logan chip that’s so far first in the company’s roadmap. Nvidia will continue to promote “Logan” SoC (Tegra 5) which is based on Cortex A15 architecture (just like Tegra 4) and it will soon equip varios tablets and smartphones in 2014. Logan supports CUDAOpenGL 4.3 technologies, and uses the most powerful GeForce cores that Nvidia has ever unveiled in a chipset before.


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