Xiaomi turning user feedback into Shipped Product in a matter of days


Xiaomi has been often labeled as the “Apple of China.” But from our point of view, the two companies have huge differences. They can be compared in terms of build quality of their products, but how both companies handle their users’ feedback? Totally out of comparison.

And that is something Hugo Barra (former Vice President of Product Management for Android) described at Tuesday’s GMIC mobile Internet conference in San Francisco. He revealed the “design as you build” process that Xiaomi follows and it’s pretty remarkable how The Chinese manufacturer responds to the users’ suggestions.

So let’s see what this “design as you build” process is all about.

According to Hugo Barra, the Xiaomi’s product managers can spend half their time browsing through the company’s user forums trying to collect as much suggestions/feedback as they can. Once they pick up a suggestion, it can appear on an engineer’s desk within a few hours. (Xiaomi ships a new batch of phones every week, partially relying on user feedback to determine what changes they should make for each group – new shipments come out every Tuesday at noon Beijing time, containing new software builds and possible minor hardware tweaks.). So features can be turned from mere concept to shipping products in the span of a week.

Ιt’s very impressive to see a manufacturer giving so much importance to their users’ feedback and releasing weekly software updates, in time almost all other manufacturers are typically content to improve their products much more slowly.

Good work Xiaomi. We hope to see you soon outside from Chinese borders.


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