New leaked HTC One Max photos with AnTuTu benchmark results


4 days ago, we published the specs of the HTC One Max, here.

Today, we received new photos and scores that confirm the screen size and chipset.

htc2 htc3

AnTuTu Chart – higher is better.


HTC One Max got 26417 score, (it’s virtually the same score as the HTC One), which confirm the Snapdragon 600 chipset.

We also received some comparing picture of Samsung Galaxy Note II and the HTC One Max.

htc6 htc5 htc4

The HTC One Max is bigger, but not so much than the Note III. Smasung Galaxy Note III’s screen size is 5.7″. According to GSMArena, they have measured the One Max’s screen using the Note 3 screen as reference and our measurements confirm the rumored 5.9″ diagonal.

Moreover, the device boasts 4G connectivity and has a removable back cover. The battery is sealed (rumored capacity is 3,300mAh) and there is a microSIM card slot.

htc7 htc9 htc8

In my opinion, HTC had time to make a better device which should compete the Galaxy Note III. As we can see in the AnTuTu chart, HTC One Max is just a bigger HTC One.They should have put the S800 chipset and 3 or 4 GB RAM.
The HTC One’s screen is goerges, and If I am right, the HTC One Max’s screen will be the same.
Also rumored that the HTC One Max’s camera will be 4 Ultra Pixel. Really? HTC? That is the only thing you have? You had time to upgrade your tech, and make 8/16 Ultra Pixel.

As for me, the HTC One Max is disappointing. I expected to something amazing.


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