Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside Talks About Google And Expectations


Motorola, being owned by Google, is always under the pressure of living up to people’s expectation while managing to keep the Motorola name afloat along-side it’s owner’s big name. And in an interview with the Journal Gazette, CEO Dennis Woodside talked about his thoughts and expectations about it.

When asked why Motorola couldn’t stand on it’s own as a company, Woodside said that Google offers Motorola a boost that it didn’t have prior to the acquisition:


Google gives Motorola a couple things. One is that willingness to have a long-term vision that’s bold, and really encouraging us to have that vision, and giving us the capital to make the transition.

You also have to (believe in) the long-run value of having everybody connected on high-quality devices that can access all the services that we’re used to. Only Google has that long-term mindset.


While many have speculated that Motorola will act as an extended arm for Google, Woodside says that isn’t the case:

Although Google is our shareholder, Motorola is going to operate independently.Our (technology) systems are separate. That actually imposes costs on us. We’d love to be able to leverage Google’s data centers and internal tools. But because Android is a platform available to all (phone makers), if we had any IT access, that independence could be breached. We get the code for the next-version Android at the same time as everybody else. Sometimes it’s frustrating, because you actually want to do more.


When asked what the biggest headache has been incorporating the two companies, Woodside touched on those very expectations:


The expectations are really high. You have people at Motorola who expect, now that Google owns us, we’re going to do everything together. You have outsiders who expect a completely different software or hardware strategy because the companies are now together.

Another challenge is more internal. Managing the cultural shift from a company that had been very engineering-led and driven, but not as consumer-led and driven as we want to become.


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