Microsoft wants HTC’s Androids to dual-boot into Windows Phone?

Well here’s something new, guys! It looks like Microsoft is in talks with HTC to get its Windows Phone operating system loaded onto the manufacturer’s Android phones as a second OS, according to reports from Bloomberg. Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s head of the operating systems unit reached out to HTC over allowing its Android devices to dual-boot into Windows Phone and in addition, Myerson is planning a visit to Taiwan to meet with HTC execs over the proposal, the outlet’s sources say!


Additionally, other sources insist that HTC has no current plans to release any more standalone Windows Phone handsets, which might explain Microsoft’s apparent desire to fit its OS onto future HTC phones, thus creating dual boot smartphones!

The same sources say that HTC has indeed been looking at the engineering cost of making an Android/Windows Phone dual-booting handset a reality. It’s unclear how far the project might have progressed, however, nor whether Google might attempt to stop it by blocking the certification of such a device. Indeed, it’s hard to see how Microsoft’s efforts towards HTC would directly benefit anyone besides Microsoft. Users, for instance, would be presented with two wildly divergent software experiences — and marketing this kind of handset could present its own problems.

What do you think? Would you buy such a dual boot smartphone?

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