Logo Maker and Graphics: Review

Logo Maker and Graphics
by: Laughingbird Software


Logo Maker and Graphics is an app that lets you create logos and graphics with ease using your Android device. It includes 30 pre-made templates that you can modify or start from scratch. It could potentially be used to create a logo design, create images for a blog and much more. Is it worth the few bucks? Let’s find out in this review!

What’s hot:

– Start from scratch or from one of 30 templates
– very easy to use
– import feature

What’s not:

– Limited editing tools.
– a little laggy (even on quad-core/2G ram devices)

In this app, you can start a logo from scratch or modify one of the 30 pre-made templates. Additionally, you can import photos from your camera or Gallery to add some text and objects on it to save or share in social media. If you require more objects you can purchase additional packs.

Editing options is a little limited with only text editing; change font type, size & color, add effects like glow, shadow, gradient, outlines, and embed a photo within text. Objects can be added and range from characters and backgrounds, to business objects and abstract objects. Additional options allow for pinching to resize, twirl to rotate and bringing objects back and forth in the stack, however, with image editing/creation, This app still lack things like overall image zooming, object grouping, undo, etc.

Logo Maker and Graphics auto saves your progress for each logo project you start and can be found on the start screen. Once complete, creations can be viewed on virtual billboards and a copy can be saved.


The Verdict: 7/10

Though it’s difficult to recommend an almost 4 dollar app with such limited features, Logo Maker and Graphics is a fun and easy-to-use app for creating simple graphics.
Buy it at your discretion.

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