LG knows how to troll its competition, oh yeah!

The new ad campaign by M&C Saatchi for LG in Stockholm, regarding LG’s new flagship G2 is based on a smart idea that shows all the advantages of the new Korean flagship over its competitors. So the ad banner created by the aforementioned agency can recognize the device in which it’s being displayed and adjusts its message depending on the device!

HTC users for example watch a message that says: Tired of charging your HTC One? Get the LG G2 with 30% longer battery life!


iPhone 5 users are met with a message that says: Hard to read this on your iPhone? Get the LG G2 with a 5.2 inch FHD IPS display!’ 


Finally Samsung Galaxy users read: Waiting for your Galaxy to catch up? Get the LG G2 with 20% faster processor! 


No matter what phone you own, you must agree that this is one of the best ads available in the market and no it’s not the first time LG does such a thing. Remember last year, in New York when Samsung was ready to unveil Galaxy S4? Here’s what LG did to troll them!


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