LG Shipped 12 Million Handsets in Q3, Gained 24% In Sales Year-on-Year


LG Mobile has been on fire as of late with the success that their having with devices like the Nexus 4, G Pro, and now with the LG G2 that has been receiving positive reviews. And it seems only appropriate that LG Mobile has led the way in terms of increased profits, according to the unaudited Q3 2013 financial results report released today.

LG Mobile has seen a growth in revenue of 24%, collecting KRW 3.05 trillion (US$2.75 billion) worth of sales. But despite shipping 12 million smartphones in the third quarter, profits and selling price were hit by higher marketing costs and increased competition by its rivals.

LG have high hopes for the LG G2 and they’re also planning to focus on the release of new premium products, as well as re-entering the tablet market with the release of the G Pad 8.3, which has also been highly praised for both its premium quality and for reasonable pricing. Also one of LG’s newest product is the G-Flex, the company’s first smartphone that features a flexible display.

It’s always a good thing for us consumers whenever we sees growth in a company as it gives us more choices for premium devices especially now that Samsung owning the race and HTC struggling to keep up.



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