LG Chem has curved batteries in production

Just a few days after the confirmation that LG Display will soon begin production of “bendable and unbreakable” smartphone displays, it’s LG Chem’s turn to show off what it’s doing.


The company announced today that it has curved batteries in mass production, which will power the next gen smartphones from LG Electronics. Using its patented “Stack and Folding technology” the company can build batteries that will be able to fit inside phones, as well as watches or glasses! Other designs it’s cooked up include the Stepped Battery it uses to fill extra space in the new G2 with more battery, providing 16 percent more capacity!

Finally, its Cable Battery -as you see above- will be ready in “upcoming years,” with a design perfect for wearables or watches that can even be tied in a knot, and won’t heat up during use.

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