Is Lenovo in talks to acquire the HTC?


About a week ago we informed you that HTC announced its worst financial quarter since it went public in 2002. It’s more than clear that HTC is in troubles this year. The One’s sales failed to meet the company’s expectations, the Mini is facing supply problems due to a casing shortage and the new advertising campaign is not going very well.

All these have placed the Taiwanese manufacturer in a very difficult financial position and now we learn from the Taiwan’s Apple Daily that Lenovo and HTC have been in acquisition negotiations since August.

According to the Taiwan’s Apple Daily report, meetings have been held since late August and the two companies discuss the terms of a possible acquisition deal to be completed in the first half of next year. Lenovo is negotiating to buy HTC’s brand as they have done with the ThinkPad brand when they bought it from IBM.

Lenovo is one the biggest manufacturers in China with very good profits and its reputation is growing globally day by day. So it sounds that it will be a good deal if it happens.

Ιn our opinion HTC’s devices are great, but the poor management and even poorer marketing are responsible for its today position. Unfortunately having awesome products just isn’t enough in our days.


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