Zero Lemon’s 7,500mAh Extended Battery For The Samsung Galaxy S5 Now Up For Pre-Order

ZeroLemon Galaxy S5

If you’re a power user or just a fan of using extended battery back covers searching for one on your new Samsung Galaxy S5, here’s some good news as Amazon has now made the 7,500mAh extended battery by Zero Lemon up for pre-order at $49.99, that will ship come May 14th.

Zero Lemon is one of the most popular extended battery manufacturer out there, and has gained quite a reputation especially with Samsung consumers. With the Zero Lemon 7,500mAh extended battery, your Galaxy S5 will have up to three more times of battery life, plus you will still have all Samsung functions like NFC, S Beam and Google Wallet functionality. But here’s a little downside – your Galaxy S5 will no longer be water resistant, at least at the back side, which makes sense as any extended battery requires removal of the back cover.

Zero Lemon 7,5000 Extended Battery For The Samsung Galaxy S5 (Amazon)

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