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“Learn the Professions” is an educational game, and as you have probably already guessed, introduces to kids some important professions.

On each page you will find cute animals which can’t wait to tell you about their job. Just press the bubble and hear how your little friends are speaking about their jobs.
Your task is to pick them a hat and clothes that match with its professions.
Of course, you can also have fun by dressing the character however you like!

With certain characters you can play additional games to improve attention and logic skills. Two of them will even keep adults amused on the road.
The app features many funny sounds and various kinds of animation. Most of them can be found by trial and error, so your child will enjoy exploring the display.
So, let the kids to explore each page and they will find many surprises. For example they can find a funny little mouse which is hiding!


Here it is a step by step tutorial:


– Select from the home page if you want to play the bonus game or to learn the professions.

 If you choose the professions then:

LTP3  Press the bubble and hear the cute animal to describe its job. (I really enjoy the way in which animals speak- just funny).

LTP11– Grab the hat and the clothes to dress your animal. (If you choose the right one then you will see your animal to celebrate).

LTP6LTP7LTP9– Explore the page and you will find many surprises.

LTP10 If you choose the bonus game then you will have 3 mini games to play:

– In the first mini game you have to find the same plate with the cute pig.

LTP14LTP15– In the second mini game you have to help the cute rabbit to find which number is missing.


LTP17– In the third mini game you have to help Harry the cow to open all the sea chests.


1)  “Let’s learn the professions” is endorsed by the Institute of Childhood, Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia, St.-Petersburg, Russia.

2) Excellent graphic design and animation that are great for toddlers.

3) The three extra bonus games are helping the children to test memory, number recognition, and increase their ability to identify and match similar-looking objects.

4) The app, with some new upgrades, supports iPhone and iPod Touch as well as iPad.

5) Professional actor readers.

6) Life-like sounds and funny effects.

7) Teaches children occupations in the form of a game.

8) Easy to use.

9) It is a free game.


1) Since you’re dressing the characters in the clothes that they would be working in, there may be a concern of nudity on the part that they have no clothes on at first, but they’re all cute animals.

2) If you are worried about accidental in-app purchases, turning off your wifi.


“Learn the Professions” is a colourful and educational application created to playfully introduce kids to some important professions. Your children will be eager to dive into the fascinating game world, so I recommend you to try it.

Let’s learn jobs and also have fun!




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